Fiberglass T Bucket Body History

Fiberglass T Bucket Body Curt Hamilton Cal Automotive

We take the fiberglass T-Bucket body for granted. It seems like they’ve always been around, in abundance and economically priced: the ideal starting point for an exciting, budget hot rod.

T-Bucket History: Marty Hollmann’s Hugely Influential T-Bucket

Martin Hollmann T-Bucket1

I first saw Marty’s T-bucket on the cover of January 1961 Car Craft and was fascinated. I didn’t understand the beauty of symmetry, but I loved this T-bucket.

What great men who have gone before us have to say about T-Buckets

Black Widow T-Bucket

“More so than any other form of street rod, the T-Bucket — because fenders, hood panels, bumpers, and the like aren’t in the way — is perhaps the ultimate vehicle through which a builder can express his likes, dislikes and ideas. He builds the frame of his own choosing and design; then …

Bob Johnston’s T-Bucket, Later to Become Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Tweedy Pie: Part 2

Tweedy Pie T-Bucket by Bob Johnston

The Tweedy Pie T-Bucket was built in the 1950s by Bob Johnston, gained its own recognition as a magazine cover car and then rocketed to T-Bucket superstardom after it was sold to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

Mark Niver: He Crossed His Last Finish Line a Winner

Mark Allen Niver, 1950-2010

Almost two months ago, I read the headlines about a Top Alcohol drag racer who lost his life in a tragic accident at an NHRA event in Washington. It wasn’t until almost a month later that the familiar name hit me: Mark Niver. This was the same Mark Niver whose T-Bucket captured my imagination when… [Read More]

Could a “Budget Bucket” be in Rod & Custom Magazine’s Future?

My July, 2010 edition of Rod & Custom was waiting for me with the regular mail when I arrived home last night (I know, it’s not yet May and the July issue arrives? I’ll let the magazine industry explain that one). So, I start flipping through it and my eyes immediately are drawn to a… [Read More]