California Custom Roadsters T-Bucket Chassis Plans Digital Edition is NOW AVAILABLE


The California Custom Roadsters T-Bucket Chassis Plans are for scratch building the famous Bill Keifer Chassis, the most practical chassis for show and go for almost 40 years. Most chassis builders in the street rod industry have patterned their frames and front end design after CCR’s ’15-’25 “T” Chassis. This chassis has been proven and… [Read More]

The “Youngster” FREE T-Bucket Frame Plans

Youngster Free T-Bucket Frame Plans

Ron Young is a Minnesota hot rodder who’s put together a set of free T-Bucket frame plans based on the way he’s been building them for the last 15+ years. They’re free plans because Ron wants to share his knowledge …

Ted Brown: T-Bucket Chassis Designer Extraordinaire

Ted A Brown

Ted Brown was a young hot rodder from Minnesota who heeded the advice to “go west young man” to seek fame and fortune. Man, was he ever successful! After arriving in Southern California, Ted had the opportunity to see Norm Grabowski’s “Kookie” T-bucket at the famous Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake and “was totally… [Read More]