T-Bucket History: Marty Hollmann’s Hugely Influential T-Bucket

Martin Hollmann T-Bucket1

I first saw Marty’s T-bucket on the cover of January 1961 Car Craft and was fascinated. I didn’t understand the beauty of symmetry, but I loved this T-bucket.

Bob Johnston’s T-Bucket, Later to Become Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Tweedy Pie: Part 2

Tweedy Pie T-Bucket by Bob Johnston

The Tweedy Pie T-Bucket was built in the 1950s by Bob Johnston, gained its own recognition as a magazine cover car and then rocketed to T-Bucket superstardom after it was sold to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

Joe Pirronello and “The Lively Set” Dodge T-Bucket

Joe Pirronello Lively Set Dodge T-Bucket

From the Maltese Cross accents on the top and interior rugs to the innovative front spring perch and the super-swoopy custom air scoop covering the 6 deuces on the Corvette mill, this was a car that dreams are made of.

Ted Brown: T-Bucket Chassis Designer Extraordinaire

Ted A Brown

Ted Brown was a young hot rodder from Minnesota who heeded the advice to “go west young man” to seek fame and fortune. Man, was he ever successful! After arriving in Southern California, Ted had the opportunity to see Norm Grabowski’s “Kookie” T-bucket at the famous Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake and “was totally… [Read More]

TV Tommy Ivo’s T-Bucket

Shortly after becoming aware of Norm’s Kookie Kar around 1959, I was also struck by another T-bucket that had the “look” and received Hot Rod magazine coverage: “TV Tommy” Ivo’s Buick nailhead powered T-bucket. On a recent visit to the NHRA Wally Parks Museum in Pomona, CA, I had a chance to snap a few… [Read More]