2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 13

Donnie Jenkins T-Bucket 5a

Quick now, what looks different about this T-Bucket? If you’re focused on what’s behind the body you’re on the right track. While most people debate whether to attach a 14″ or 12″ pickup bed on their T-Bucket, Donnie Jenkins of Zanesville, Ohio, thought “why not make it something I can actually use?” And that’s not… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 12

Don Hummel Slant Six T-Bucket 1a

So, should you call Ernie Hummel’s slant six powered Dodge roadster a D-Bucket? In my mind, it’s still a T-Bucket, but in a very unique category for a number of reasons. But first, just in case you don’t know what a 1920 Dodge roadster looks like here’s an example of what was the basis for… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 11

Fred Cossell T-Bucket 5a

Seeing Fred Cossell’s dramatically panel painted T-Bucket is like going back in time to a major car show of the 70s when “Fad T’s” were in their heyday, winning America’s Most Beautiful Roadster awards with some regularity. Fred’s Indy-based roadster has all the winning elements: chromed rear axle and high arch spring as well as… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 10

Bill Darr T-Bucket 03a

As president of the National T-Bucket Alliance, it’s only fitting that Bill “Weelstang” Darr had one of the more distinctive T-Buckets at the 2011 Nationals in the form of his “Alum-a-T”, a virtually all-aluminum T roadster. As Bill would describe it, the only things not aluminum are the fiberglass body, window glass and tires. For… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 9

Ben Griffin T-Bucket 02a

Ben Griffin’s beautiful, blue ’27 T roadster is all Ford and a study in what a clean hot rod should look like. Of course, the ’26-’27 T roadster might be considered the sophisticated sibling to the rowdier ’15-’25 T-Buckets, but they all come together at the T-Bucket Nationals to cover the spectrum of hot rod… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 8

Todd Mullins 1923 T-Bucket roadster pickup

Todd Mullins drove all the way from Bartlett, TN to Dayton, OH for the 2011 NTBA T-Bucket Nationals in his more-fun-to-the-mile T-Bucket known as Kletus. That’s a 500+ mile one-way trip — and, no, it’s not a rat rod. Sure, Todd’s bucket has that rusty rat rod look (and the rust is real, having been… [Read More]