2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 13

Donnie Jenkins T-Bucket 5a

Quick now, what looks different about this T-Bucket? If you’re focused on what’s behind the body you’re on the right track. While most people debate whether to attach a 14″ or 12″ pickup bed on their T-Bucket, Donnie Jenkins of Zanesville, Ohio, thought “why not make it something I can actually use?” And that’s not… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 12

Don Hummel Slant Six T-Bucket 1a

So, should you call Ernie Hummel’s slant six powered Dodge roadster a D-Bucket? In my mind, it’s still a T-Bucket, but in a very unique category for a number of reasons. But first, just in case you don’t know what a 1920 Dodge roadster looks like here’s an example of what was the basis for… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 11

Fred Cossell T-Bucket 5a

Seeing Fred Cossell’s dramatically panel painted T-Bucket is like going back in time to a major car show of the 70s when “Fad T’s” were in their heyday, winning America’s Most Beautiful Roadster awards with some regularity. Fred’s Indy-based roadster has all the winning elements: chromed rear axle and high arch spring as well as… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 10

Bill Darr T-Bucket 03a

As president of the National T-Bucket Alliance, it’s only fitting that Bill “Weelstang” Darr had one of the more distinctive T-Buckets at the 2011 Nationals in the form of his “Alum-a-T”, a virtually all-aluminum T roadster. As Bill would describe it, the only things not aluminum are the fiberglass body, window glass and tires. For… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 9

Ben Griffin T-Bucket 02a

Ben Griffin’s beautiful, blue ’27 T roadster is all Ford and a study in what a clean hot rod should look like. Of course, the ’26-’27 T roadster might be considered the sophisticated sibling to the rowdier ’15-’25 T-Buckets, but they all come together at the T-Bucket Nationals to cover the spectrum of hot rod… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 8

Todd Mullins 1923 T-Bucket roadster pickup

Todd Mullins drove all the way from Bartlett, TN to Dayton, OH for the 2011 NTBA T-Bucket Nationals in his more-fun-to-the-mile T-Bucket known as Kletus. That’s a 500+ mile one-way trip — and, no, it’s not a rat rod. Sure, Todd’s bucket has that rusty rat rod look (and the rust is real, having been… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 7

Victoria Bowles T-Bucket 03a

This black T-Bucket with tasteful white pinstripes, white interior, wide whites and classic Ford hubcaps captures a great, nostalgic look for Victoria Bowles of Howell, NJ. From the rear, the Model A crossmember maintains the classic theme with the high-arch spring. The spun aluminum, 10-gallon fuel tank is perfectly highlighted by the tasteful white and… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 6

Tim Taylor T-Bucket 02a

I remember seeing this Texas T at the first NTBA (then National T-Bucket Association) Nationals I attended in Hannibal, MO back in 2001. Tim Taylor drove it there from Grapevine, Texas and continues to hitch up the trailer and make it to events around the country. What’s really cool is that “Toolman” Tim built this… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 5

Stumpy Jordan T-Bucket 03a

If you’re a fan of the 1926/27 style T-Bucket, and you like traditional looks and dig track roadsters, then you just gotta’ love Stumpy Jordan’s “Stump Jumper” hot rod roadster. Stumpy Jordan’s beautiful, black Track-T blends classic looks with a high-tech independent front suspension for a super-cool look. It was a real treat seeing this… [Read More]

2011 T-Bucket Nationals Report, Part 4

Richard Hebert T-Bucket 04a

When I first spotted Richard Hebert’s T-Bucket at the 2011 NTBA Nationals, I was struck by its unique low-slung appearance but had a nagging feeling that it looked like something else, too. After walking around it and taking in the details it finally came to me: it looks like a super modified from days gone… [Read More]