Review of the Famous California Custom Roadster, CCR, T-Bucket Frame Plans

California Custom Roadsters CCR T-Bucket Plans

The single most enduring package of information relating to T-buckets and their ongoing popularity is the T-bucket plans of California Custom Roadsters. Read this review from 35 years ago to discover why …

The Bird T-Bucket Kit Plans

Bird Engineering T-Bucket Kit

Back in the 60s every red-blooded American boy had three things on his mind: girls, sports and hot rods! To feed that insatiable interest, along came a new hot rod supplier — not from southern California, but from the small Midwestern town of Fremont, Nebraska. Who could resist the urge created by the 1965 Bird… [Read More]

NEHR Speedcraft’s T-Bucket “Hot Rod in a Box” Kit, Part 2

NEHR Speedcraft T-Bucket Hot Rod in a Box kit

As noted in Part 1, NEHR’s “Hot Rod in a Box” T-Bucket kit is designed to be a well-engineered package that offers ease of assembly for the home garage builder without any welding or drilling and which includes all the …

NEHR Speedcraft’s T-Bucket “Hot Rod in a Box” Kit, Part 1

NEHR T-Bucket Hot Rod in a Box

Ever get the feeling that the vast majority of T-Bucket hot rods are the result of seat-of-the-pants, trial and error, “good enough” so-called engineering by shadetree mechanics? Wonder what might happen when …

The Wintec Roadster, a “Bigger” T-Bucket Kit

Wintec Roadster T-Bucket Hot Rod

The new Wintec Roadster for the family man was introduced with a body that stretched 75 inches when measured from firewall to rear, compared to around 48 inches for a regular T-Bucket. But, that’s not all …