What great men who have gone before us have to say about T-Buckets

Black Widow T-Bucket

“More so than any other form of street rod, the T-Bucket — because fenders, hood panels, bumpers, and the like aren’t in the way — is perhaps the ultimate vehicle through which a builder can express his likes, dislikes and ideas. He builds the frame of his own choosing and design; then …

Joe Pirronello and “The Lively Set” Dodge T-Bucket

Joe Pirronello Lively Set Dodge T-Bucket

From the Maltese Cross accents on the top and interior rugs to the innovative front spring perch and the super-swoopy custom air scoop covering the 6 deuces on the Corvette mill, this was a car that dreams are made of.

Cal Automotive: Fiberglass T-Bucket Body Pioneers, Part 2

Cal Automotive Custom Associates fiberglass T-Bucket Body ad

It starts with an institutional food service size mayonnaise jar. As you may have noticed in the Custom Associates ad in Part 1 of the Cal Automotive story, interested parties could send in twenty-five cents for information. It was Bud Lang’s idea that when the mayonnaise jar filled up with quarters they would use them… [Read More]

Cal Automotive: Fiberglass T-Bucket Body Pioneers, Part 1


We know from The Real History of the Fiberglass T-Bucket Body that ‘glass Model T bodies were first introduced in 1957 by the Diablo Speed Shop. But, that fledgling venture only produced a couple of bodies, one of which was sold to Buzz Pitzen who built The World’s First Fiberglass T-Bucket Hot Rod. However, the… [Read More]