NEHR Speedcraft’s T-Bucket “Hot Rod in a Box” Kit, Part 2

NEHR Speedcraft T-Bucket Hot Rod in a Box kit

As noted in Part 1, NEHR’s “Hot Rod in a Box” T-Bucket kit is designed to be a well-engineered package that offers ease of assembly for the home garage builder without any welding or drilling and which includes all the …

NEHR Speedcraft’s T-Bucket “Hot Rod in a Box” Kit, Part 1

NEHR T-Bucket Hot Rod in a Box

Ever get the feeling that the vast majority of T-Bucket hot rods are the result of seat-of-the-pants, trial and error, “good enough” so-called engineering by shadetree mechanics? Wonder what might happen when …

“Styline Customs Chuck Miller” Book Review

Chuck Miller Styline Customs

You’ll learn how Chuck built his first T-Bucket, drove it all Summer and on the day after Thanksgiving applied his creative talents to convert it in 8 weeks into the Ridler Award winning Fire Truck at the 1968 Detroit Autorama.

Every Kid’s Dream: The Red Baron T-Bucket

Red Baron T-Bucket

A lot has been written over the years about the Red Baron T-Bucket, and some recent developments have brought about some interesting new information I’d like to share.