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Hot Rod Holiday C-Cab T-Bucket

Your Happy Hot Rod Holiday Exclusive Gift from This holiday season we want to show just how much we appreciate the support and encouragement we get from all of our followers at We searched everywhere for just the perfect gift that T-Bucket and hot rod fans would really appreciate, could exercise their mechanical… [Read More]

Storage Wars Meets T-Bucket C-Cab History?

Storage Wars Dan Woods C Cab

This is the vision I hope to see when that door rolls up. Hmmm, that looks like a fiberglass body mould — why, it looks like a C-Cab, if I’m not mistaken. Wait a minute! Could it be …? Yes, it is — a Dan Woods C-Cab body mould.

The Story of Poncho the 1923 Ford C Cab (in his own words)

Poncho 052a

I rolled off the assembly line at Henry Ford’s truck plant along with many other trucks. I wasn’t the smallest on the line nor was I the largest. I was designed as a light duty commercial truck with a flat bed for …