The family that plays together with a T-Bucket, stays together

Ashley Designs Mini T-Bucket 5

Scott Zimmerman has a lifelong passion for the hot rod and custom car scene and 6 year old daughter Ashley’s motorized mini T-Bucket allows her to be more actively involved as a frequent participant in …

T-Bucket “Props” to Street Rodder Magazine

Street Rodder magazine January 2011

What caught my eye was Kirk Jones’ ’27 Nash sedan that had been miraculously cut down into a stunning single-seat modified roadster. Hey, that’s close enough to a T-Bucket for me …

The Tarantulas’ T-Bucket Instrumental

The Tarantulas T-Bucket instrumental

If T-Buckets weren’t so doggone popular, nobody would be inspired to write cool tunes about them. When’s the last time you tapped your foot to a groovy ’34 Ford instrumental? We’re very happy to be able to share with you another tune titled “T-Bucket” by a group named The Tarantulas. This is not to be… [Read More]