Is this the hot rod Human Centipede?

Hot Rod Human Centipede 1927 T 5

I was surfing eBay T-Buckets when I ran across this strange conglomeration identified as a “1927 T-Bucket Lincoln“. The Human Centipede is a notorious 2010 anatomical-nightmare horror movie about a psychotic surgeon who surgically attaches people to form the title “creature”. In this case, a 1927 T roadster body has been grafted onto a modern… [Read More]

T-Bucket Trip Ups: Vol. 1

T-Bucket Trip Ups Vol. 1

“Trip ups” are those mistakes, sometimes small — sometimes significant, in judgement or in execution, that in my one man’s opinion, result in a T-Bucket that’s either less than perfect, uninspiring or downright hideous looking. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of T-Buckets and have made mental note of the many trip ups that …