Speedway Motors’ New Tribute T-Bucket: What goes around, comes around

Tribute T Bucket Speedway Motors

First glances will quickly confirm that this T-Bucket kit is quite different from what has become the conventional T-Bucket style that is more reflective of those built in the 60s and 70s. The new “Tribute T” has a clean, lean and …

“La Cucaracha”, the Iskenderian T-Bucket Roadster

Ed Iskenderian T Roadster

With its nickname being Spanish for “The Cockroach”, it’s likely no insult was intended toward Ed Iskenderian’s iconic 1924 T-Bucket roadster. It’s more probable the moniker referred to the fact that Isky purchased the beginnings of this car for $4 in 1939 from his best friend, John Athan. He then tossed away the flimsy Model… [Read More]