Joe Pirronello’s Dragster-Inspired Long Wheelbase T Bucket, “All-American”

long wheelbase T Bucket Joe Pirronello All American

The long wheelbase T Bucket era began in the late 1960s. Two factors contributed to the long wheelbase T Bucket fad. The first factor was the growth of drag-strip inspired street machines: from gassers to altered wheelbase funny cars to dragsters. The second factor was by that time T-Bucket hot rods were quite numerous and… [Read More]

T-Bucket Nationals Preview: 1927 T Roadster, the Travelin’ T of Charles and Lavelle Tunnell

1927 T Roadster Charles Tunnell

When you visit the T-Bucket Nationals in Green Bay, WI, July 8-11, you’ll have a chance to see the super sharp 1927 T roadster that Charles Tunnell has owned since 1960 and which has clocked over 165,000 miles in the last 20 years cruising for pleasure and attending T-Bucket Nationals events around the country. You… [Read More]

T-Bucket Headers History

T-Bucket headers wild

T-Bucket headers are an important component that are easily taken for granted. They can make all the difference in the overall appearance of a T-Bucket. As an early example from the 1940s, the Ed Iskenderian “La Cucaracha” T roadster utilized pretty utilitarian, although beautiful in terms of lines and chrome, headers with the three individual… [Read More]

Lee Neiman’s Supercharged T Bucket Reappears

Lee Neiman Captain Nemo Supercharged T Bucket

Recently on Twitter I saw a cool 1970s era supercharged T Bucket for sale that caught my attention. (Which reminds me: if you’re on Twitter and you don’t follow us you should. We tweet some pretty cool stuff. Just follow us at Two things jogged my memory about this supercharged T Bucket. The first… [Read More]