Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” T-Bucket, Part 2: and its 4000 Mile 1971 Street Rod Nationals Journey

1971 Street Rod Nationals Leg Show T-Bucket

The 1971 Street Rod Nationals in Memphis, Tennessee followed the success of the inaugural event the year before. That experiment at bringing together East and West coast street rodders for the first time drew over 600 street rods to a city that wasn’t on anyone’s vacation destination list: Peoria, Illinois. Memphis, on the other hand,… [Read More]

Bird T Bucket Kit: What an Assembled One Looks Like

Bird T Bucket Kit

A Bird T Bucket kit inspired legions of teenage hot-rodders-to-be in the 1960s and 1970s. The advertised prices were eye-popping and even a $1.25 an hour minimum wage grocery bagger could save up to order one. It so happens that I’m familiar with the Bird T-Bucket pictured in this article, having first encountered it at… [Read More]

Linda Vaughn Hurst T-Bucket Built by Richard Graves Resurfaces

Linda Vaughn Hurst T-Bucket

Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst Golden Shifter, captured the attention of most male hot rod, drag racing and other motorsports fans in the 1960s and 70s, before cosmetic silicone enhancement became the norm. So, it was only natural in the ’70s after Hurst had expanded beyond motor mounts and shifters with the acquisition of the Airheart… [Read More]

Leg Show T-Bucket and Danny Eichstedt Blow Traditional Hot Rod Minds, Part 1

Dan Eichstedt Leg Show T-Bucket Rod Custom January 1971

Hot rod builder/editor/author/archeologist Pat Ganahl called it the best rod magazine cover ever produced: the eye-grabbing January, 1971 Rod & Custom featuring Danny Eichstedt’s Leg Show T-Bucket. Calling it a “mind blower” for the street, the R&C story pointed out the irony of how such a radical departure from ‘traditional’ hot rodding was winning shows,… [Read More]

Indianapolis 500 Inspired T-Bucket Hot Rods: Chauvin Emmons’ Legacy

Chauvin Emmons Indianapolis 500 T-Bucket roadster

The Indianapolis 500 is known as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” for good reason. But, I’m not talking about the pre-, during- and post-race revelry that occurs in the parking lots. And it’s not known as the Greatest Spectacle for what starts happening on the streets leading to the track at the crack of dawn… [Read More]

Frank and Linda Mazi’s Wheelstanding, 10-second, Street-Driven T-Bucket

Frank and Linda Mazi wheelstanding T-Bucket hot rod

You may have seen this wheelstanding T-Bucket before. The photo has been widely circulated to dispel the myth that you can’t get a T-Bucket to hook up traction-wise and because it’s sporting full street equipment and also because if you look closely you’ll notice a cigarette nonchalantly hanging from the lip of the T’s builder… [Read More]

How Harry Willett’s “Phoenix” 1923 T Became a Show Car

Harry Willett 1923 T-Bucket Phoenix show car

In the late ’60s, Harry Willett was service director for Chicago’s largest Buick dealer and at night in his home garage he was applying stunning paint jobs to most of the funny cars being built in Chicagoland at the time. He’d also built a wicked fast little T-Bucket street rod that was powered by a… [Read More]

History: Bill Keifer of California Custom Roadsters, interviewed by Eric Geisert of STREET RODDER magazine

Bill Keifer of CCR T-Buckets

We’re very proud to be partnered with the legendary T-Bucket building shop, California Custom Roadsters (CCR), in the marketing of the new digital version of their time-tested T-Bucket frame and suspension plans. First introduced in 1973, literally thousands of T-Buckets have been built using the CCR plans. This would not have happened had it not… [Read More]

Review of the Famous California Custom Roadster, CCR, T-Bucket Frame Plans

California Custom Roadsters CCR T-Bucket Plans

The single most enduring package of information relating to T-buckets and their ongoing popularity is the T-bucket plans of California Custom Roadsters. Read this review from 35 years ago to discover why …