T-Bucket Headers History

T-Bucket headers wild

T-Bucket headers are an important component that are easily taken for granted. They can make all the difference in the overall appearance of a T-Bucket. As an early example from the 1940s, the Ed Iskenderian “La Cucaracha” T roadster utilized pretty utilitarian, although beautiful in terms of lines and chrome, headers with the three individual… [Read More]

Lee Neiman’s Supercharged T Bucket Reappears

Lee Neiman Captain Nemo Supercharged T Bucket

Recently on Twitter I saw a cool 1970s era supercharged T Bucket for sale that caught my attention. (Which reminds me: if you’re on Twitter and you don’t follow us you should. We tweet some pretty cool stuff. Just follow us at https://twitter.com/TBucketPlans). Two things jogged my memory about this supercharged T Bucket. The first… [Read More]

Danny Eichstedt’s “Leg Show” T-Bucket, Part 2: and its 4000 Mile 1971 Street Rod Nationals Journey

1971 Street Rod Nationals Leg Show T-Bucket

The 1971 Street Rod Nationals in Memphis, Tennessee followed the success of the inaugural event the year before. That experiment at bringing together East and West coast street rodders for the first time drew over 600 street rods to a city that wasn’t on anyone’s vacation destination list: Peoria, Illinois. Memphis, on the other hand,… [Read More]

Bird T Bucket Kit: What an Assembled One Looks Like

Bird T Bucket Kit

A Bird T Bucket kit inspired legions of teenage hot-rodders-to-be in the 1960s and 1970s. The advertised prices were eye-popping and even a $1.25 an hour minimum wage grocery bagger could save up to order one. It so happens that I’m familiar with the Bird T-Bucket pictured in this article, having first encountered it at… [Read More]