Uncertain T Model Kit: 21st Century Version

Uncertain T Model Kit

I’m a huge fan of Steve Scott‘s incredible ‘Uncertain-T’, have written about it, and consider Steve a friend. That’s why I was excited to learn about Steve’s ambitious project to produce an all-new version of the Uncertain T model kit, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to achieve the level of perfection Steve always demands. As you may… [Read More]

1915 T-Bucket Body: The One We Know Today and How it Came About

1915 T-Bucket body Don Oaks

It goes without saying I love T-Buckets, but I’m especially fond of what’s known as the 1915 T-Bucket body. For good reasons, which we’ll try to cover here, there are many misconceptions about the 1915 T-Bucket body. And, just in case you didn’t even know the 1915 T-Bucket body existed or how it’s different from… [Read More]

Mini T Bucket Build by Larry Matlock With 883 Harley Power

Mini T Bucket Build Larry Matlock

For his Mini T Bucket build, Larry Matlock of Durham, NC came at it with many years of experience. As a long-time car guy, Larry’s interests and collection spans the range from the oldest of antiques to Chevelles, Mustangs, Corvettes, motorcycles and everything in between. In fact, Larry’s Mini T Bucket build got its start… [Read More]

This T-Bucket Electric Golf Cart is the Real Deal

electric T-Bucket golf cart

Not too long ago, we posted a story about an electric T-Bucket golf cart, which garnered quite a bit of attention although the cart itself was a bit on the unusual looking side. However, when I spied this mini T-Bucket for sale on CraigsList I was impressed. Finally, somebody has succeeded in achieving “the look”… [Read More]

The family that plays together with a T-Bucket, stays together

Ashley Designs Mini T-Bucke

Scott Zimmerman has a lifelong passion for the hot rod and custom car scene and fortunately his wife, Debbie, shares that interest. So it wasn’t too surprising that even before their daughter, Ashley, was born they built her a stroller in the image of a 1937 Ford Boyd Coddington Smoothster. That way, they could continue… [Read More]

Track Roadster by CCR Continues Tradition of Excellence

California Custom Roadsters Slicktrack Track Roadster

The new Slicktrack Track Roadster from California Custom Roadsters (CCR) continues a 40 year tradition of designing and building beautiful T-Bucket hot rods. Of course, California Custom Roadsters is famous for their T-Bucket Chassis Plans, which have become a reliable standard in the industry since the mid-’70s and which we are proud to be able… [Read More]