Let’s See Your T! Show Us Your T-Bucket!

T-Bucket collage

We love T-Buckets in ALL their variations and we’re happy to share yours with the world’s other T-Bucket lovers. So, send us some pics and info and we’ll take care of the rest. In essence, we want to give you and your T as much exposure as possible. If it’s your T-Bucket and you’re proud of it – that’s good enough for us.

The “Mulester”, a Texas T-Bucket

Mule-ster Texas T-Bucket.

I am continually fascinated by the creativity that can be applied in building a T-Bucket. But, Brett Putman caught me completely off guard when he shared a photo of his Texas T-Bucket, The “Mulester”. It may be slightly less than one horsepower, but put it in a parade and “If they had a people’s choice […]

Chester Greenhalgh Applies Hot Rod Ingenuity to New eBook, “Projects With Lawn Mower Engines”

Projects With Lawn Mower Engines new eBook

Projects With Lawn Mower Engines will make you an overnight small engine expert and Chester shows you how to apply hot rod creativity not only to your lawn mower, but also cool projects with lawn mower engines for boating, air compressors, minibikes/choppers and more.