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1927 fiberglass t bucket floor installation

1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 3, T Bucket Floor

Today’s installment shows how to install a 1927 T Bucket floor in a fiberglass roadster body. You can also use the same information to also install a T Bucket floor in your 1915 or 1923 fiberglass body. Follow along as Bob Hamilton shows how it’s done. T Bucket Floor Installation “The 1927 T Bucket floor… [Read More]

1927 T-Bucket body

1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 2

In this installment in our series Bob Hamilton shows how to repair fiberglass on the 1927 T Bucket body to replace a panel that had been previously cut away. You’ll recall from Part 1 that Bob started with a fiberglass 1927 T Bucket body that had been carved up for drag racing purposes. Follow along… [Read More]

Cotton Werksman T-Bucket

Cotton Werksman Reunited With His Legendary ’15 T-Bucket

Cotton Werksman has achieved a lot in the hot rod world. Being one of the original founders of the National Street Rod Association is but one of Cotton’s achievements. To the editors of Hot Rod magazine he was “The Barrington Wizard”, the man who knows how to hammer out 550 supercharged HP from “The Ultimate… [Read More]

1927 T Bucket project 1

1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 1

If you’ve read our story about Bob Hamilton’s Oakland Roadster Show winning Track T you’ve seen that Bob can build a great looking 1927 T Bucket. This time, though, you can follow along as Bob uses the same skills on a relatively low budget 1927 T Bucket roadster for his own driving fun. But first,… [Read More]

StreetRod Plans Stretched T Bucket Body Tub-T Phaeton T-Bucket touring car

Stretched T Bucket Body: How To Do It Yourself

It seems like a growing number of you are looking for a stretched T Bucket body for more room, whether it be to take the family or more than one friend for a ride, haul a suitcase, cooler or other gear, or just to accommodate those extra few pounds and inches you may have picked… [Read More]

Royboy Productions Adam Emery 1926 T Roadster Pickup

“Built, Not Bought” Adam’s ’26 T Roadster Pickup

Not only do I think I know a great looking T roadster pickup when I see one, but I also appreciate great photography and a good story. I first saw this cool roadster pickup on the Royboy Productions website, which in itself is pretty cool. Travis at Royboy is an accomplished photographer whose hot rod… [Read More]

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