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Dave Hiebert Home Built T Bucket

Dave Hiebert’s Home Built T Bucket

I love to receive emails like this one: Hi John, Bought your book a couple of years ago and although I did not follow it to the letter, I did find it very helpful. This is what I just completed. I did almost everything myself with the exception of the seat upholstery. Runs very fast… [Read More]

T-Bucket panhard bar

1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 7, T-Bucket Panhard Bar

A T-Bucket panhard bar is necessary on rear coil spring suspension and also provides greater stability when using a traditional transverse leaf spring. Follow along today as Bob Hamilton shows you how to build a T-Bucket panhard bar for your rear suspension. T-Bucket Panhard Bar Construction “On to the rear panhard bar. I make them… [Read More]

T Bucket rear suspension

1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 6, T Bucket Rear Suspension

Bob Hamilton, creator of the StreetRod 101 DVD Library builds up the T Bucket rear suspension in this latest installment in our 1927 T Bucket Roadster Project series. T Bucket Rear Suspension Buildup “This picture shows the spring hangers for the T Bucket rear suspension held in place with a piece of ¾ inch all… [Read More]

Lee Neiman Captain Nemo Supercharged T Bucket

Lee Neiman’s Supercharged T Bucket Reappears

Recently on Twitter I saw a cool 1970s era supercharged T Bucket for sale that caught my attention. (Which reminds me: if you’re on Twitter and you don’t follow us you should. We tweet some pretty cool stuff. Just follow us at Two things jogged my memory about this supercharged T Bucket. The first… [Read More]

Grasshopper Roadster 1923 T-Bucket Geraghty Crawford

Grasshopper Roadster T-Bucket Tribute: Beauty and Brawn

One Fall afternoon after a hard day of sixth grade studies 😉 I made my regular stop at the corner drug store on my way home and was transfixed by the cover of the new Hot Rod magazine on display. It was the most fascinating mechanical marvel I’d ever seen: the Grasshopper Roadster, a beautiful… [Read More]

1927 fiberglass t bucket floor installation

1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 3, T Bucket Floor

Today’s installment shows how to install a 1927 T Bucket floor in a fiberglass roadster body. You can also use the same information to also install a T Bucket floor in your 1915 or 1923 fiberglass body. Follow along as Bob Hamilton shows how it’s done. T Bucket Floor Installation “The 1927 T Bucket floor… [Read More]

1927 T-Bucket body

1927 T Bucket Roadster Project: Part 2

In this installment in our series Bob Hamilton shows how to repair fiberglass on the 1927 T Bucket body to replace a panel that had been previously cut away. You’ll recall from Part 1 that Bob started with a fiberglass 1927 T Bucket body that had been carved up for drag racing purposes. Follow along… [Read More]

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